Where’s the Pot of Gold?

Everyone has long heard the legends about what lies ahead for you if you can find the end of the rainbow. There is, of course, the legendary pot of gold that you can find that has been placed there by the leprechauns that can make you wealthier beyond your wildest imagination. Of course, the real trick for you becomes actually finding where the rainbow ends so you can get to it. Get ready for your adventure as you go in search of the end of the rainbow and follow along with these simple hints and tips so you can see what waits for you in the end.

  • You Need Rain – As basic as this may sound, you do need to have some type of rainstorm so that the rainbow can actually be produced. This can make hunting for the rainbow a little tricky as you have to be ready to go looking at the spur of the moment sometimes in order to find one. If you see there is some rain in the forecast a few days ahead of time, you can try to make your plans so you have time set aside for your adventure. Otherwise, you just need to be ready to hit the road as soon as the rain starts up.

  • Knowing What Makes a Rainbow – Having some basic facts about what a rainbow really might help you and it certainly can go a long way in impressing your kids, your wife or your date as you begin your rainbow exploration. Rainbows occur when there are droplets of water in the atmosphere and these droplets simply bend or refract the light from the sun. Rainbows do not occur after every rainstorm; the circumstances need to be just right and there is a science behind it involving where you are located that can determine whether you see one or not.
    • The Truth About the End – You probably already know this, but the fact is that there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (sorry to disappoint you). In fact, you might be hard-pressed to even ever find the real end of a rainbow. You have to be at a very specific angle to see the rainbow in the first place, with the sun behind you and the rain in front of you. Because the view of the rainbow depends on this angle, you can never really see the end of it. You have to be at exactly 42 degrees to view the rainbow, meaning the closer you get to the rainbow the further it may be from you because of the angle.

While some people may claim to have seen the end of the rainbow, the truth is that this is just an optical illusion nature is playing. You can never get close enough to one where you will see the end of it, no matter how hard you may try. While this might put that pot of gold out of reach for you, you can still have a lot of fun chasing one down with your kids and family. When you are ready to go on your rainbow hunt, make sure you do it in a car you can trust to get you through the storm. You may want to stop by your local jeep dealership costa mesa offers or visit http://www.ocauto.com so you can find the best car you can to do your off-road driving to get the rainbow.