We Had Fun on a Party Bus During Our Reunion

I keep in touch with almost all of my friends from the university where we all graduated. This is mostly because I knew a good number of them since high school and elementary school. When our reunion came up this year, we decided we wanted to do something extra special for our group by getting a Toronto party bus for a couple of hours.

The reunion party planners had all sorts of great events planned for the entire reunion. But there is a group of 20 of us who wanted a chance to get away for some fun on our own as well. We figured a bus would be a great way to do that, and we could always meet up with everyone else after our time on the bus.

I called to make the plans. I was happy to hear that the company provides things to drink. Some of the people in our group do not drink alcohol, so non-alcoholic drinks were provided as well as beer and wine. We also found out that they do catering, so we ordered some finger snacks as well. The reunion dinner was planned rather late at night, so I knew it would be nice to have some light foods to eat prior to that.

The bus picked us at a predetermined location and we all piled on. I have to say that the buss was beautiful inside! It was nothing like the busses you travel in to get from state to state. Everything was plush, shiny and new. There was even a dancer’s pole in the middle of the bus! Even the guys got up and did some funny dances on the pole to entertain everyone.

The drinks and the food were very good. The driver was extremely professional. It was a smooth ride as well. There will be another reunion next year, and we plan to do this same party bus ride next year, too. We’re looking forward to it!