Things You do not Want in Your Halloween Bag

With Halloween just right around the corner, you and your kids are probably starting to make all kinds of preparations for the fun time you will have going trick or treating. You probably have their costumes all picked out and the kids are planning their route already, trying to figure out the best houses to go to so they can get the best candy possible. All of this activity likely brings you back to the days where you went out on Halloween yourself and how much you enjoyed getting back home to look at your haul from the day. Of course, you inevitably got some things in your bag that you just look at and wonder why someone would give them out in the first place. Here are a few things that no one looks forward to getting in their Halloween bag.

Pencils – While there may be people out there that do not want to give out candy on Halloween for whatever reason, giving out pencils is not really a great alternative. Getting a pencil just serves to remind the kids that they have go back to school the next day instead of having fun with their candy. No matter what type of Halloween decoration they may have on them, there is nothing about getting pencils that makes a kid smile on Halloween.

Toothbrush – Nothing will bring a kid’s smile down faster on Halloween than handing him or her a toothbrush instead of a piece of candy. Kids do not need to be reminded about brushing their teeth on Halloween of all days (Easter for that matter too; leave them out of the Easter baskets). All the toothbrush is going to do is remind them that they have to go to the dentist at some point and explain all of the candy they ate on Halloween.

Raisins – No matter what other people may try to tell you, kids do not believe that raisins are “”nature’s candy.”” They are just another way that some people are trying to take the fun out of Halloween by making it healthy in some way. Sure, raisins taste great in oatmeal raisin cookies, but what kid wants to crack open a box of raisins while all of his friends are having Twix bars and lollipops?

Business Cards – Believe it or not, some adults look at Halloween as the perfect marketing tool for themselves. Do not be surprised if your kids come back with a couple of good bags with a realtor business card stapled to it or a coupon to host a candle party or housewares party with a free gift.

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