The Pope’s Great Experience With Fiat

The FIAT 500 L had the very impressive responsibility of being the vehicle of choice to transport Pope Frances around on his recent US tour. This compact vehicle worked perfectly for the Pope’s visit and grew a great deal of attention from the onlookers. For a great selection of FIAT vehicles be sure to visit Fiat Alameda.

What onlookers found impressive was just how spacious the car really is when it is classed as a compact vehicle. It was up to the Vatican to choose the vehicle that will be used for the Pope’s transportation. The fact that they chose the FIAT 500 L really indicates how reliable this vehicle is.

With its compact style it made it easy to manoeuvre through the streets that were crowded with onlookers. The choice of vehicle fit in very well with the message that Pope Francis was bringing to the people. This focused around the protection of the environment which includes the reduction of air pollution.

He backed up his believes with an example of using the 2015 FIAT 500 L which is noted for getting a combined 30 miles per gallon. This is above the 25.3 MPG average for vehicles that were new which were sold in August according to some stats.

Over and above the attention that was drawn to the comfort that was given to the Pope during tour ride as well as backing up his believes on the protection of the environment, the FIAT 500 L comes with many benefits and features that most likely the Pope did not get the opportunity to explore and enjoy.

There are several different models that are available and it starts with the FIAT 500 L Pop which is the beginner package and it begins with the choice of five exterior colours. It has many other benefits that come with it and as one takes a look at the additional models as they step up in their features and benefits they all begin with the standards that the 500 L Pop offers. Don’t forget to check out what has to offer.