Paradise Toronto limo

I am trying to reconcile two competing interests. I have a great girlfriend and I want to take her out for a great night out for New Year’s eve, but I would also like to come in to the New Year with a bit of money in my pocket. For instance I was talking to a person from this place called Paradise Toronto limo. That would be great obviously. You would not need one of those big things that is half a city block long either, a nice Lincoln Town Car would be just fine. That is not a real limo I guess, or at least I do not guess that most people would figure it is a limo. It would suit my purpose just fine and at any rate I think I would feel a bit like a pompous jerk if I was riding around in one of those enormous things.

They make all sorts of limos. Some of them will handle a couple dozen people. You can even rent a party bus if you have a whole lot of people. I know a guy who did that one weekend for this huge party he had. I did not take the party bus, but he and about forty people went down to some casino down near Niagara Falls. If you have forty guys and they all chip in that probably costs about the same as paying for gas. At least it does if you are going on a trip like that I guess. It is easy to see how you can figure out something like that so it makes sense. I am thinking that I might have to skip the limo and maybe just get a hotel room instead. That is going to cost a bit less and you do not have ot drive any place.