Movies that do Not Need another Sequel

If you have paid attention to any of the recent television or Internet ads then you have already seen the marketing campaign going on for the new movie “”Creed.”” Creed is a story centered on the character of Apollo Creed’s son and how he wants to be a fighter like his father was. This also incorporates the story used by the “”Rocky”” movies of the past and even drags Sylvester Stallone back into the spotlight as the boxer-turned-trainer Rocky Balboa. If the idea of seeing yet another Rocky movie is enough to make you groan (this is the seventh Rocky movie) then you have probably grown pretty tired of what seems like the endless cycle of sequels churned out by Hollywood today. Here are just a few movies that certainly do not need to add yet another sequel to their series.
• Jaws – The original Jaws movie is well-known as a classic. Whether you want to consider the movie a horror movie or an action/thriller is up to you, but in either case Jaws historically ranks as one of the best movies of all time. So why are there three sequels attached to this movie? The first movie (and the book the movie is based on) wraps up everything pretty neatly, so there really was no need to try to push it beyond that, but movie producers did anyway, trying to milk whatever they could from the original and with dismal success.

  • Halloween – Unfortunately it is very easy for horror movies to fall into the trap of making sequel after sequel using their villains over and over again. “”Friday the 13th”” and “”Nightmare on Elm Street”” are just two of many of the franchises created surrounding horror characters, but Halloween stands out as the one that really did not warrant having any more sequels surrounding it. However, the original has managed to spawn seven sequels and a movie reboot as well, which is all pretty amazing since, unlike other horror villains, the Michael Myers character was never portrayed as one having any type of superhuman abilities like Jason or Freddy. It was just a way to drain away at the original, successful movie.

  • Die Hard – Like horror movies, popular action movies seem prone to sequel after sequel. Die Hard happens to be one of several action films that have seen several attempts to keep the series alive (four sequels to this point), with each getting more ludicrous in story line from the original. While the first movie had original charm from Bruce Willis, he just does not carry that over twenty-five years later down the line.

Sadly, it seems like Hollywood today would much rather make a bad sequel of a movie than come up with an original idea that might capture an audience. Even when something original comes along, sequels are immediately lined up one after the other to keep the machine running. Even though you may be tired of movie sequels, when it comes to getting your next car, sometimes getting a sequel can be a great thing. That is why you may want to hook up with the local fiat santa monica dealer found at so that you can be sure that you can always get a sequel to your car that is just as good as or better than the one before.