Instead of Purchasing, Just Hire Dual Controlled Vehicles

The best way to maintain safety when teaching a novice driver how to navigate through unfamiliar terrain is to hire dual controlled vehicle types for each situation. A sedan or minivan is good for teaching urban navigation, but an off-road ready SUV would be good for teaching those types of skills. Having another steering wheel, throttle and brake control is good, especially when working with students who might be prone to panic. Imagine the helplessness of a driving instructor who needs to correct a bad steering move caused by a student or needs to brake or throttle to get out of an accident situation if no dual controls were present.

Another great use and purpose to hire dual controlled vehicle types is for such things as rural delivery postal mail. The mailboxes are on the opposite side of the standard position of the steering controls in most places. If you would happen to live on the border region between two countries that drive on opposite sides of motorways, then that would be another good use for them. Most of these specialty dual control vehicles had to be specially ordered and purchased by those who needed to use them. Now there are firms that will hire them out as needed. The savings can be a small fortune, especially for those who have a limited or intermittent need for them.

My personal opinion is that they would be great for long trips where you have two drivers and are on a tight schedule. You would not even have to stop to take over driving when one driver got tired. It would be safer for good team driving efforts. However, it might be a bit dodgy if you do not intimately trust the other driver or if there were a passenger on that side. I mean, you would not want your grandmother grabbing the wheel or hitting the brake or accelerator when you were getting on the highway! Still, these vehicles are great when used for purposes that require controls to be on both sides of a vehicle.