Hiring an Addison Commercial Garage Door Technician for Immediate and Future Repairs

Owning and operating my own auto repair shop has been a great experience. Since investing in my garage, my life has improved tremendously. There was only one problem that I had to get resolved before I could open up the shop to the public. I had to find a reliable Addison commercial garage repair that could repair the garage door and would be available for future calls.

When I first bought the garage, I was told by the real estate agent that the garage door wasn’t perfect. She tried to show me that it didn’t always work, but when she tried to show me that, everything worked fine. It wasn’t until I arrived at the garage with a big load of equipment that I wanted to move in that I found out what she meant about the garage door not always working the way that it should.

I tried for several minutes to get the garage door to open the whole way, but it would only open about four feet before it would stop and return to the closed position. I managed to move the load into the garage with it as it was, but I knew that there was no way that I could allow the door to remain in that condition.

I contacted several garage door technicians and discussed their fees, their schedules and what they thought the problem could be. After talking with the fourth technician, I decided that he was the one that I was going to work with. He responded to my call immediately, discussed the problem that I was having without rushing to get me off of the phone and was a nice person.

This technician came out to my garage and made the repairs the very next day. Now, I know exactly who to call if the garage door gives me any problems and I know that he will get things working as they should in no time.