Heading Out: The Best Road Trip Cars for Off Roading Adventures

When you are looking for adventure, you better get your motor running and head out on the highway. But sometimes the destination has to be something a bit rugged, like a national park. Man, there’s nothing like going to the national parks with your friends and even with your family, but more likely with your friends. You get to see a part of the country that is preserved specifically because of how beautiful it is. There’s a reason they rope off these parts. And you’ll be so glad you saw them. But you can’t just pick up and go. There has to be some planing, and sometimes you have to consider your wheels. Not just any car will head into the parks and treat you right. You won’t want to take a Nissan Sentra for example. Ew. No. What you’ll want to do is make sure you’re riding in one of these perfectly well suited vehicles.

Subaru Outback

You may think this car is from Australia, but it’s not, it’s just named after that part of the world. The Subaru is actually from Japan, but even more importantly, it’s widely sold here in the good old United States of America. Forget that though. The Outback is such a good car for these adventures because it combines the luxury and comfort of a car that you would want to take on the roads, but then can also get up and over everything while you’re at the park. No getting stuck behind a rock for you – the Outback will go above and beyond it. It’s really the perfect car and if you find yourself in the market for something really versatile, you can’t go wrong with the Outback.

Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 is gonna get the job done for you and here’s why. It combines the comfort of a smaller SUV while also have the power of a real SUV. The bigger ones, sure, they can of course get you up and around stuff at the park, but they’re going to be a little more cumbersome on the actual road getting to and from. The RAV4 is a great compromise, and if you stop in at Toyota Tustin , they’ll let you test drive one. Heck, you can probably take it all the way up to Griffith Park and go off roading there! But even better would be just to buy one. Start shopping at http://www.southcoasttoyota.com/ and you’ll be amazed how affordable and cool these awesome little SUV Jr’s are!

Dodge Durango

Poor Dodge -they’re pretty much the laughing stock of the car world, and it’s deserved. But these days the Dodges are much, much better, as shown by the Durango which actually is a car worth owning and taking on adventures. You may be surprised to know that they have exceptional fuel economy for their class and their reliability is almost as good as a Honda or Toyota. These things are fun to drive and you’ll love it.