Factory UTV Polaris Sportsman ACE Parts

The Polaris SPortsman Ace is one of the few UTVs that truly owns its niche.  The only major single seater UTV on the market, the Sportsman ACE is built on the well-proven Sportsman ATV chassis and uses the same motor, transmission and most other major mechanical parts. The ACE will likely create a ton of racing series all over the country and revolutionize the UTV racing industry with super light weight and a plethora of high horsepower rotax powerplants that will no doubt be engineered into this exciting new vehicle. If performance isn’t your thing, or you prefer rock climbing, Factory UTV has just released a complete line of a-arm guards, skid plates and other undercarriage protection parts for the new ACE.

Factory UTV’s UHMW plastic a-arm guards use ultra high molecular weight plastic, the densest, strongest plastic on the planet.  They are lighter than aluminum and have a low friction co-efficient, so they slide easily over rocks and other debris.  The entire line of Factory UTV’s skid plates use UHMW and are custom machined and designed to fit your vehicle perfectly every time.

Factory UTV’s ⅜” skid plates for the ACE use the same UHMW material used in their a-arm guards.  This material has memory, meaning that it returns back to its previous shape when it is impacted.  This is an important distinction between these plates and steel and aluminum plates that will dent and bend easily with the slightest impact.  For the complete line of Factory UTV parts and accessories and hundreds of Can Am Commander accessories, visit www.sbsparts.com.